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Artist. Creator. Visionary.

It is said that a great artist is always before their time; and this stands true of Colin Staples LifeArt. As an artist, Colin has dedicated years to the arts and is constantly seeking new and innovative ways to develop new skills. Explore this digital portfolio and discover when those special pieces were created, what they were inspired by, and learn more about their medium.

About Me


Art has always been my vital spark, a journey of discovery into not only techniques and visuals, but of mind, and letting go to watch the work create itself. Creating art has been my driving force since early childhood with the past years seeing continued growth. The concepts behind my art have been largely influenced through the years studying martial arts and its philosophies of no mind, shedding the ego. I feel my best work is expressed through this approach and have developed a feeling I am now intimate with, and trust.

Colin Staples Life Art website

My work is primarily portrait and figure in acrylics, which to me retains a feeling of freshness through the continuous mixing of new colour due to acrylics rapid drying process. After many years of time served as an artist I now feel a natural calling toward abstraction while maintaining focus on the essence of the soul before me. There is much pre-planning of the work I am to undertake but of course when I get to the canvas, most of it goes out the window. I enjoy most of those times where I find myself in the space to observe my ego moves out of the way to allow the image to create itself. These I feel are my best works. So in essence, my journey on my path as an art is to get out of the way to allow "my soul the freedom to paint another's".

Art Gallery

The Journal


The Journal Hirurgia Pozvonochnika is the only periodical publication in Russia and CIS countries which is devoted exclusively to surgical treatment of the spine and allied subjects. 

Many thanks to the managing editor of "Russian Journal of Spine Surgery", Mrs. Olga E. Kostyukova for selecting me as their cover artist for the 2013 quarterly editions, this is the first of 4 editions being published this year. It was an honour for me to have my artwork published for such a wonderful cause. 

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Commission Works



There are many reason’s to commission a portrait. Whether it is a gift for someone special or a remembrance of loved ones. It has always been my passion to capture the spirit within a portrait, in a style and colour that reflects this special person's nature and essence. Every person is unique and their presence should be felt within the portrait, so for this reason......I do my very best to compose and capture this in my works. 




My preferred hand painting media because of it's fast drying properties, allowing me to achieve the desired effects I have developed over the years as my signature style. It is also the best wet media for fast delivery when a work is required within a short time frame.




Contemporary and evolving as an accepted more versatile media. This is a media that can be applied to any printable substrate like canvas, mugs T shirts etc. The size can be altered to suit stock and also the image can be shared with other family membes or friends. 



Tango Lluvia y Misterioweb.jpg

Alex Heidt

Washington DC, USA

"I have purchased several paintings, as well as have commissioned work with Colin. Each masterpiece I own of Colin’s is more special than the last. He is truly a gifted artist, and honorable man. Art should move a viewer emotional, spiritually, and/or intellectually. Colin accomplishes this at every level. When I was first introduced to Colin’s art, I was transfixed by his use of color to enhance his use of light. As you gaze at the paintings and the textures, flow and movement come alive you actually find yourself feeling the art instead of merely looking at it. His art truly touches your soul. I plan on being a collector of his work for a very long time. Thank you Colin."


Dr.Frank and Mrs.Dominique Wallace

Universal City, TX , USA

"Mr. Colin Staples employs a collaborative approach with each commission to determine what essential elements are desired by the client to be captured in best presenting a work. Throughout the entire process, he allowed us to view his progress to ensure the results were mirroring our imagined representation.​ The final product of Claudine's portrait was very powerful and beyond words or accolades. The portrait fills our lives with wonderful reminders of an incredible person living an incredible life. We will forever treasure the portrait completed by Mr. Colin Staples. Without any reservation, we highly attest to the incredible artistic instinct and skills of Mr. Staples"


Simon Peeke

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

"Colin Staples painting has pride of place on our wall and there is not a visitor to our home that does not make comment on how striking and thought inspiring the painting is. I am looking forward to seeing where he goes next with his painting."

Neil Young.jpg

David Thompson

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

"For someone that has dabbled in the arts and has made a career from being creative, I couldn't think of a more fitting gift for my brothers 40th birthday. Having personally been a great admirer of your work for sometime, I knew I could have full confidence in you to deliver an exceptional painting. What I wasn't prepared for was the stirring emotions created from the life and movement on the canvas that no photograph could ever capture. I'm very proud to own a Colin Staples Original, my only regret is only seeing it on weekends. I look forward to hanging one on my own wall soon. Kind Regards."

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